Nominations for the 2018 MOTA Recognition Awards

Now is the time to recognize your colleagues for their contributions to the profession of Occupational Therapy. Please take the opportunity to show your appreciation for their dedication and hard work. All nomination criteria must be followed. (Any nominations that do not follow the specified criteria will be rejected.)

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Recognition of an individual who has demonstrated sustained and significant contributions to the profession and/or to the practice of occupational therapy in Maryland over the course of a career.

Criteria: 1. Minimum of 30 years of experience in OT

2. OT or OTA

3. MOTA member

4. Two letters of recommendation detailing how the contribution has been

sustained over time

RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE: Given for outstanding contributions to the field of occupational therapy. This award also recognizes accomplishments in research, education, public relations, recruitment, and administration.

Criteria: 1. OTA or OT

2. MOTA Member

3. Curriculum Vitae or resume

ROSTER OF MERIT: Recognition of a therapist whose knowledge and expertise have made a significant contribution to the advancement of occupational therapy.

Criteria: 1. Minimum of three years of experience

2. OTA or OT

3. MOTA Member

4. Accomplishments in communications and organizational service

5. Nomination must include identification of area of significant contribution

6. Curriculum vitae

PRESIDENTIAL COMMENDATION: Recognition of an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of occupational therapy.

Criteria: From a discipline other than occupational therapy

OUTSTANDING PRACTICE: Recognition of a therapist providing excellent treatment in a clinical setting with demonstration of particular skill in application of theory and techniques.

Criteria: 1. OTA or OT (MOTA membership is not


2. Minimum of two years of experience

EXEMPLARY DEPARTMENT OR PROGRAM AWARD: Recognition of a cohesive department or program that demonstrates accomplishments in program development, quality assurance, communications, and teamwork.

Criteria: 1.OTA, OT, or other disciplines (totaling three or more positions)

2. Majority of OT staff are members of MOTA

EXEMPLARY STUDENT SUPERVISOR: Recognition of an individual who has contributed to the quality of fieldwork education in the State.

Criteria: 1. OTA or OT

2. Has directly supervised at least two OTA and /or OT students at Level I or II

3. MOTA member

4. One letter of recommendation (e.g., an academic site, a student, a student

committee, colleague, OT director)

EXEMPLARY FIELDWORK SITE: Recognition of a fieldwork site that has provided high quality, creative, and comprehensive educational opportunities to OT students in the State of Maryland.

Criteria: 1. Fifty percent (50%) of student supervisors must be current MOTA


2. Must have supervised at least four OT students during the past 5 years, two

of which completed their Level II fieldwork in the past 2 years.

3. One letter of recommendation (e.g., an academic site, a student, a student

committee, colleague, OT director)

                                 Ruth Brunyate Wiemer Award - The next nomination year for this award is 2019.

Purpose of Award: 

·         To recognize occupational therapists and assistants who have made a substantial and notable contribution tthe professional communitoin Maryland or to Maryland consumers of occupational therapy services.

·        To recognize occupational therapists and assistants who have encouraged and mentored other OT and OTAs in the application of the basic tenets and foundational content of occupational therapy for the advancement of the professional community in Maryland.

Selection Criteria:

The nominee shall:

·         be an OT or OTA who is, at the time of nomination and has been for at least 5 years, a member of MOTA

·         have evidence of sustained and notable contributions to the occupational therapy and/or professional health care communitin Maryland. These contributions may have taken place in clinical practice, education, and/or research

·         have served as a leader within the occupational therapy and/or professional communitiMaryland

·         have demonstrated significant involvement in at least 4 of the following criteria:

o   mentoring of practitioners and/or students

o   application of a clinical model to enhance OT services to consumers

o   involvement with advocacy and professional promotion activities at the state or federal level with the aim of enhancement of occupational therapy serviceto consumers

o   involvement the academic or fieldwork preparation of students to enhance their professional development

o   involvement in continuing education that aids in the ongoing competency of other OT and OTAs

o   participation in research activities that enhance the foundation of OT and/or other health professions

o   application of administrative methods that enhance service delivery to consumers

o   application of administrative and management methods that facilitated OT or OTAs to advance their knowledge, skills, and abilities in practice

o   participation in a leadership position within MOTA

Nomination Process:

·        Colleagues, consumers, supervisors and/or students shall recognize the nominee as having sustained and notable contributions to the professional OT community in Maryland. An individual or group may nominate the individual regardless of MOTA membership status.

·        All nominations shall be in writing with supporting documentation

·        The individual nominee whreceives the award will provide for the conference attendees a 30 minute paper on the topic of the winner’s choice which best represents their unique contribution to the profession. Because the award is given every 2 years, this presentation ito be made 2 years after receipt of the award to coincide with the subsequent nomination and awarding to the next recipient. Acknowledgement of this obligation must accompany nomination form.

·         Individuals who are nominated and not selected may be nominated again at a later date.

Awarding Procedure:

·         Nominee for this award will be considered on a biennial (every 2 years) basis (odd years)

·         The President of MOTA, shall announce the award recipient at the luncheon of the MOTA Annual Conference highlighting the accomplishments of the recipient.

·         The name of the recipient shall be published on the MOTA website and newsletter of the association

·         The name of the recipient shall be inscribed on a plaque dedicated to acknowledging all award recipients. The recipient assumes responsibility for the award plaque for 2 years or until the next recipient is indentified

·         The text of the awardee’s presentation will be published in the association newsletter and archived

·         A $100 honorarium shall be awarded to the recipient of the Ruth Brunyate Wiemer Award.

2018 MOTA Award Nomination Form.docx





Henrietta Price Scholarship - Regina Smith & Bracha Reach

Recognition of Excellence - Kuzhilethu Kshepakaran & Lynne Murphy

Award of Merit - Lori Patria

Outstanding Practice - Caitlyn Synovec & Nicole Womack Young

Exemplary Department - Towson University Department of OT and OS


Henrietta Price Scholarship -  JAMIE BENNETT       

Award of Exemplary Service - ANDREW NICHOLAS

Lifetime Achievement Award - SARAH BURTON & TRUBY LaGARDE

Recognition of Excellence - BARBARA DEMCHICK

Exemplary Student Supervisors - JILLIAN SILVEIRA & MONICA PITTMAN



Ruth Brunyate Wiemer Award - Susan Robertson, Ph.D.

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