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Updated on: 05/17/2018



Nominations are now being accepted for MOTA Board Positions.  

The following positions will be vacated effective December 31, 2018.  Each position has a term of three years, with the exception of the President Elect which holds a one year term.

Section 8. Functions of the President-Elect

The President-Elect shall advise and assist the President, and shall act as President pro tem in the absence of the President. The President-Elect shall have such other duties as the President shall assign.

The President shall:

1.       Be the Chief Executive Officer of MOTA and preside at all meetings of MOTA and of its Board.

2.       Be bonded, the expense of said bonds being borne by the Association.

3.       Be the official liaison for MOTA in conducting business with AOTA.

4.       Guide and conduct the activities of the Association consistent with its Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, strategic plans, organizational policies and procedures, and Affiliation Principles Agreement with AOTA.

5.       Have the power to sign all written obligations of the Association and shall have the general powers of supervision and active management typically vested in the office of President.

6.       Have the authority to sign checks and other financial contracts and obligations, as to the Treasurer.

7.       Prepare an agenda, schedule, and convene all Board meetings.

8.       Attend all Board meetings or appoint a designee.

9.       Receive reports from all Board members managing the functions of the Association.  

10.    Have the power to appoint an individual to act as an officer pro tempore at any meeting as necessary in the absence of any officer.

11.    Have the power to appoint all Ad Hoc Committee Chairpersons and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except a Nomination and Awards Committee.

12.    Prepare an annual report for the Maryland Occupational Therapy Association, Incorporated, which shall be presented at the Association’s Annual Business Meeting and made available to the membership. 

13.    Have the power to authorize an aggregate excess expenditure of no more than 5% of the allotted yearly budget upon 10 day notice to the Board.

14.    Provide the Secretary updated records and files that may be pertinent to the office, operation of the Association, and the continuity thereof.

15.    Attend or send a president-designee to the Association of State Affiliated Presidents (ASAP) meeting or other meetings to officially represent the Association.

16.    Maintains communication with AOTA Representative Assembly Representative from Maryland.

Section 13. Functions of the Vice-President, Communications

The Vice-President, Communications shall

1.       Be responsible for and chair committees on establishing, developing, and monitoring traditional contact and communication channels, such as the Association’s mailing and email addresses, newsletter, website, and phone numbers.

2.       Attend all Board meetings or appoint a designee.

3.       Oversee website development and management.

4.       Manage and coordinate volunteer(s) for newsletter and/or advertisement activities and requests.

5.       Advise Board of communication technology needs and updates.

6.       Maintain and update lists of electronics and technology owned by the Association.

7.       Coordinate efforts with the VP, Public Relations.

8.       Assist the Board in establishing presentations to the Association.

9.       Participate in the update of standard operating procedures for this position and the training of a successor to the position.

Section 14. Functions of the Vice-President, Events

The Vice-President, Events shall

1.       Be responsible for, and chair committees on, the MOTA Annual Conference including its budget as well as any MOTA-sponsored continuing education workshops not under the domain of another Vice President.

2.       Attend all Board meetings or appoint a designee.

3.       Coordinate efforts with the Board to develop and execute the presentation of the Annual Business Meeting.

4.       Participate in the update of standard operating procedures for this position and the training of a successor to the position.

Section 17. Functions of the Vice-President, Public Relations

The Vice-President, Public Relations shall

1.       Be responsible for and chair committees on fundraising and outreach activities to the community including the development and management of social media.

2.       Attend all Board meetings or appoint a designee.

3.       Coordinate efforts with the VP, Membership to develop regional-specific MOTA social events and other projects as needed.

4.       Coordinate efforts with the VP, Events to develop new sponsorships.

5.       Advise Board of trends in social media.

6.       Promote MOTA through social media.

7.       Assist the Board in establishing presentations to the Association.

8.       Participate in the update of standard operating procedures for this position and the training of a successor to the position.

Section 16. Functions of the Student Representative

The Student Representative shall:

1.       Provide a student perspective on issues that impact occupational therapy.

2.       Attend board meetings.

3.       Serve as a liaison between MOTA and its student members.

All Board members are required to be MOTA members and must attend board meetings by phone once a month, with face to face meetings twice a year.  All interested individuals should submit a statement of interest and a brief bio to keglseder@towson.edu

Deadline for nominations is June 30, 2018.

38th MOTA Conference

"Celebrating OT Education"

DATE: Friday, November 2, 2018

Location:  CCBC Catonsville 


Contracts will be emailed by August 27th to confirm if your submission was accepted for conference.  

New this year:  

~ We are advertising 4 track options this year!  

~ Education/Advocacy, Orthopedic, Neuro & Pediatrics 

** Benefits of Presenting at Conference **

1.  Enhance your resume/CV

2. Build your network with fellow like-minded therapists 

3.  Share your expertise 

4. Attend high quality educational sessions 

5.  Earn an extra 1.0 contact hour for every hour presented

Vendor Registration:  OPEN!

Sign up on the EVENTS! page

~ If you are interested in sponsoring conference as an exhibitor please refer to the Events! tab for details

~ New this year:  1 hour Meet & Greet session for vendors and students to interact in order to optimize face time!

Thank you for supporting MOTA!

Nominations for MOTA Board

Below please find the current nominees for the MOTA Board.  It is not too late.  If you would like to run, please contact me at keglseder@towson.edu

President Elect-

Lori Patria, MS, OTR/L:  I respectfully submit my name for consideration for MOTA President Elect.  I have the  privilege of serving as the current MOTA Treasurer where I have been responsible for preparing the budget for board approval, keeping an account of all financial transactions and tracking performance to budget, ensuring completion of all tax related documents, and actively participating in all board activities.  In my 25+ years of experience as an occupational therapist I have served in many roles such as  Director of Therapy Services at University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute, Adjunct Faculty at Towson University and Community College of Baltimore County, Communication Liaison for AOTA Physical Disabilities Special Interest Section (2 terms), member of the Baltimore City Mayor’s Commission on Disabilities, and manager for the Maryland Mayhem wheelchair rugby team.  All of these roles have provided me with experience in leadership, financial management, teaching/mentoring, advocacy, and project management.  These skills are valuable to the role of President Elect in not only managing the finances of our association but also playing a role in our mission which is to represent, support and advance the practice of occupational therapy in the State of Maryland.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve in this role and work with our board and membership to grow and strengthen our professional association.

VP Human Relations

Chetna Sethi, PhD, OTR/L:  I am interested in serving as the Vice President for Human Relations for the Maryland Occupational Therapy Association. I am a passionate occupational therapist and love to promote the far-reaching goals of occupational therapy to people that are not familiar with what we do. I have previous experience with promoting “DisABILITY Awareness” at Saint Louis University as I served as the PR chair of the DisABILITY Awareness Month Campaign organized by the department of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science from 2010-2012. Additionally, I believe that our growth as a profession is only as good as our visibility to the general public. I am knowledgeable and experienced with using social media as a means to increase this visibility. Finally, as a new member of MOTA having recently moved to the area, this opportunity will allow me to network with the wonderful OTs in the community

VP Communications

Justine K. Stull graduated from Towson University with a BS/MS in occupational therapy, as well as a BS in psychology, in 2006. She has been regularly involved with MOTA since college. After graduation, Justine worked with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders as a Family Trainer and OT for an Autism Waiver Provider. She also previously served as the MOTA VP of Public Relations and briefly worked for Towson University helping conduct Family Quality of Life research.  

Currently, she has the privilege of staying home with her two children. Over the last four years, she has supported their Baltimore County elementary school as a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) secretary and most recently, as PTA President. Even outside occupational therapy employment, she has relied on her OT training. These skills have been invaluable for planning events, working with teams, and advocating for her school. 

Justine's devotion to occupational therapy and to MOTA has led to her volunteer to fill the VP of Communications position. She will also bring experience writing a newsletter and conducting social media outreach to this role. She looks forward to the opportunity to support OT and MOTA in our state. 

Student Representative

Marley Merrick:  I am from Garrett County, MD. I am just finishing my first year in Towson's BS/MS Occupational Therapy program. Outside of school, I am part of SOTA and Tiger Assistance Dogs. I enjoy staying active spending time outside with my family, friends, and dogs. 

 I chose OT as my career of interest because I fell in love with the idea of providing health care to to others while also providing meaning and purpose to health care. I am interested in being the student representative for MOTA because I want to learn as much as I can inside and outside of school while being taught and working with my professors in MOTA. I believe that experience is the best learning tool, and I believe that being on the MOTA board would help enhance my learning experience.

Motivations Incorporated Continuing Education

An Integrated Approach to Pediatric Feeding

Baltimore MD:  April 6-7, 2018

8am - 5:30 pm

See brochure for details

304 brochure.pdf


MOTA Testifies in the Senate and the House

I wanted to take the time to thank those members who came out yesterday (with little notice) to support MOTA at the Senate hearing of SB151, Revisions to the Athletic Trainers Act.  There was a lot of testimony, and opposition from PT, Chiropractors, and OT.  As a result, we were able to keep this bill from passing at this time.  It should be noted that this bill was also submitted to the House which means we may need to testify again. 

The revisions of SB151 included the removal of any language related to "athlete", "athletic injury" or "athletic performance", and instead changed the language to "treatment, rehabilitation, or reconditioning of an injury or illness..."  Please find the bill attached for your reference.

I would also like to thank Robyn Elliott, Rachael Faulkner, and Sonia Lawson, as well as Kristen Neville from AOTA for bringing this to our attention and organizing our testimony.

Although we were successful in our testimony, it is important that we stay diligent with legislative issues.  This WILL come back around.  If it had not been for our lobbying team, we would have missed this legislation all together.


I am  not one for shameless self promotion, but this is what your MOTA membership pays for.  In order to ensure that we maintain this protection in the future, please share with your colleagues this great benefit of MOTA membership.

Thank you to Denise Figueiredo, Justine Stull and Clare Wu for your testimony!



Link to see Senate testimony: http://mgahouse.maryland.gov/mga/play/5ddff635-ec54-4df2-b7cd-babde3078f8f/?catalog/03e481c7-8a42-4438-a7da-93ff74bdaa4c&playfrom=446000

Link to House testimony:

Our panel begins at the 1:52 minute mark.



MOTA Celebrating the Centennial 

MOTA is compiling information on the important role that Maryland had in the development of our profession.  If you would like to help with this project, please email keglseder@towson.edu

All help is welcome and you can give as much or as little time as you would like!

Please join us is showing everyone just how special OT in Maryland is!



Motivations Incorporated Continuing Education

An Integrated Approach to Pediatric Feeding

Baltimore MD:  April 6-7, 2018

8am - 5:30 pm

See brochure for details

304 brochure.pdf

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