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AOTA Centennial honored 100 People - Here are the ties to Maryland

Maryland recognized by AOTA centennial.docx

Important Dates in OT History

Important Dates in OT History.pptx

Henrietta Price and the History of MOTA

The History of the Maryland Occupational Therapy Association - HGP CV 1983-CV - Copy.pdf

OT Practice in Maryland - Where was OT provided in 1960?  1974?

1960 OT Practices in Maryland.pdf

1974 Occupational Therapy Services in Maryland.pdf

The Many Faces of Betty Cox

Many Faces of Betty Cox - Advance 4-1-96.pdf

1917 Program for Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy

1917 Program for Society for the Promotion of OT.pdf

Ruth Weimer Obituary 

CHESTERTOWN Ruth B Weimer Obit.pdf

The Legacy of Jay Bullock

Jay Bullock Dec 2016.jpg

Jay Bullock legacy.doc

The Road to Licensure - Historical Documents for Maryland (1979)

History of Licensure.pdf

Working Toward Licensure.pdf

Working Toward Licensure 1.pdf

A Model Bill for Registration of OTs.pdf

Why We Need Licensure.pdf

Interview with Lissa Abrams about Rosalie Abrams.pdf

Past Licensure Board Members

OT Board Members 1979-Present.doc   (Used with permission from the Licensing Board)

Early Beginnings at Sheppard Pratt - 75 years of OT  (Article 1992)

Early Beginnings at Sheppard Pratt.pdf

Early Ethics in OT

Original Ethics Statement.pdf

AOTA Recruitment Report (1958-1959)

AOTA Recruitment Report.pdf

Marie Louise Blount Interview

Marie Louise Blount interview.pdf

Truby LaGarde Interview

Truby LaGarde interview.docx

Annette Lavezza Interview

Annette Lavezza MOTA Interview 2018.docx edited.docx

Carole Hays Interview

Carole Hays MOTA Interview 2018 edited.docx

Loretta Foster Interview

Loretta Foster MOTA Interview 2018 edited.docx

Mary Beth Creighton Interview

Mary Beth Creighton MOTA Interview 2018 edited.docx

Neil Harvison Interview

Neil Harvison MOTA Interview 2018 edited plk.docx

Kuzhilethu K. Kshepkaran Interview

Kuzhilethu K. Kshepakaran Interview.2018 edited.docx

Robin Klein Interview

Robin Klein Interview.2018 edited .docx

Captain Rebecca A. Parks Interview

Captain Rebecca A. Parks Interview.2018 edited.docx

Maureen Peterson Interview

Maureen Peterson Interview.2018 edited.docx

Monique Howard Interview

Monique Howard Interview.2018 edited.docx

Marlene Riley Interview

Marlene Riley Interview edited (1).docx

Harriet Watkins Interview

Harriet Watkins Interview.edited.docx

Lila Nappi Interview

Lila Nappi Interview.2018.edited.docx

Rae Ann Smith Interview

Rae Ann Smith Interview.edited.docx

Annette Lavezza Interview

Annette Lavezza MOTA Interview 2018.docx edited.docx

Charlotte Exner Interview

Charlotte Exner Interview.edited .docx

Margorie Vogeley Interview

Margorie Vogeley Interview edited 2018.docx

Jenna Yeager Interview

Jenna Yeager Interview.2018 edited.docx

Katie  Frampton Interview

Katie Frampton Interview.2018 edited.docx

Kathryn Kaufman Interview

Kathryn Kaufman Interview 2018 edited.docx

Roxanne Castaneda Interview

Castaneda Interview.2018 edited.pdf

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