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1797 - Spring Grove psychiatric hospital founded

1896 - Springfield Hospital Center founded


1911 -  First OT courses held in fall at Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital

1913 - OT program Established at Johns Hopkins Hospital

1921 - AOTA Conference held in MD


1946 - AOTA appointed Ms. Messick to be chair of their legislature committee in 1946. They asked the national legislative committee to concentrate in the states of Maryland and Ney York. (Summary of Actions – Exhibit A.png). The attached amends show the progression from looking at licensure to solidifying its stand against liscensure at the time.

December 9, 1946 – Letter to Ruth Brunyate, President of Maryland Occupational Therapy Society to serve on AOTA’s Legislative committee (Exhibit B)

December 19, 1946 – Member letter to MD OT Society from Ruth Brunyate, informing members that Maryland Medical and Chirurgical Society of Maryland is willing to assist in taking steps to amend the Medical Practice Act to recognize Physical Medicine which term includes occupational therapy and physiotherapy. (Exhibit C)


February 11, 1947 – Letter from Ruth Brunyate, OTR, to the executive committee of Med Chi asking that their advisory committee on physical therapy also function in an advisory capacity to occupational therapy. (Exhibit D)


October 30, 1951 – MOTA membership voted unanimously to support AOTA’s Board of Management and the House of Delegates of the AOTA in its stand against state liscensure for OTRs. Obviously, a change in tactic, taking a stand against a flawed law was better than having a law on the books that did not represent occupational therapy but seemed to limit the scope of practice.  (Exhibit E)

1959 - Clifton T. Perkins established


December 1974 – OT licensure is back on center stage in the USA. Maryland OT licensure committee is back to work, independently and in collaboration with AOTA. Maryland committee, Liz Hyde, Charlotte Exner, Pat Carlsen, Ellen Schmidt and Sue Price, are planning a licensure workshop, scheduled for March 22, 1975 at Towson College. (Exhibit G – program for workshop)

September 1974 – AOTA’s Handbook on licsensure, completed and forwarded to all legislative chairs of state affiliates and others. (Exhibit H - Memorandum and Handbook, compliments of Donna Lucke)

November 19, 1974 AOTA’s delegate assembly adopted Resolution 400, that instructs the national office to develop a national strategy for liscensure efforts. Ruth B. Weimer shared the resolution with all state and local occupational therapists. (Exhibit I)


March 22, 1975 – Plans for Maryland OT association workshop on licensure is underway. The workshop is held at Towson State college on (Exhibit J)

Licensure committee begins to discuss liscensure with other state associations. (Exhibit K)

1975: Towson Program under Chair Marie-Louise Blount

October – December 1975 – Licensure committee prepares for another follow up workshop scheduled for November 1, 1975. It is recognized that the Maryland bill could not be introduced until 1976, but the group acknowledged the need to keep the OT base in Maryland on board for the support needed next year. (Exhibit L) 


January 1976 – Orthotists and Prosthetists Bill introduced to create a Board of Examiners as part of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. (Exhibit M)

Occupational Therapy immediately responded asking for an insertion of and exclusion clause to exempt OT and OTAs.  Have been included in designing, fabricating and fitting orthotics for many years. The bill was revised.


May 5, 1977 – Maryland Art Therapy Association, now making a similar request to the MOTA licensure committee. What goes around comes around. As MOTA progresses other health professions such as physical therapy (Exhibit N)

June 8, 1977 -  Interesting letter from the Health Insurance Association of America, supporting OT. (Exhibit O)

July – October 1977 – Now the work really begins! Senator Rosalie Abrams agrees to sponsor the bill! Communications began with other associations to garner support. (Exhibit P)

November – December 1977 – Work continues. Able to secure additional co-sponsors, plus other legislature that were positive but some preferred to vote in favor and not co-sponsors. Others did not respond to requests. (Exhibit Q)


Licensure passed! First Maryland OT licensure Board Lillian Byrd, Tom Philip, Carole Hays, Bonnie May and Charlotte Seltser.

1978: MOTA Incorporated


July 1, 1979 – 1st MD licenses signed. 

1979 - 1st MOTA conference


1989 - AOTA conference in MD


1993 - OTA program began at Aleghaney College of Maryland (ACM) under director Jeff Hopkins, MS, OTR/L

1995 - First class from ACM graduated

1998 - AOTA conference in MD


2002 - Affiliation between AOTA and MOTA signed February 10

2003 -  Rae Ann Smith OTD, OTR/L became directer of ACM

2014: AOTA conference in Baltimore

2015 - OTA Program at Wor Wic accredited

2016 -  First calls from Wor Wic graduated

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